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Pięciopartyjna coalition fell apart and form a new government only three parties. Against the referendum he appeared also part of the former leaders of the “Tulip Revolution” of 2005. And the popular rebellion of 2010. Including Roza Otunbayeva and Omurbek Tekebajew “father” of the Constitution of 2010 r.Referendum probably end up successful Atambayev. To ensure [...]

Pięciopartyjna coalition fell apart and form a new government only three parties. Against the referendum he appeared also part of the former leaders of the “Tulip Revolution” of 2005. And the popular rebellion of 2010. Including Roza Otunbayeva and Omurbek Tekebajew “father” of the Constitution of 2010 r.Referendum probably end up successful Atambayev. To ensure a high turnout (plebiscite to be valid it must take part in more than half of voters) merged with the local elections. “However, further developments can be arranged in different scenarios.

One of them is the new parliamentary elections, others – accelerated presidential elections, “- says Dr. Gortat. Atambayev also can transcribe them in order to pass on to the successor of responsibility for the deepening economic crisis, which may cause an explosion of new protestów.Zdaniem many experts, the constitution of 2010. Was written at a time when Kyrgyzstan more reckoned with the opinion of the West and drew the western political culture. Under Bishkek Atambayev approached but definitely to Russia and Kyrgyzstan, the only republic dominated by the satrap in Central Asia, increasingly dominated by Russian customs polityczne.Wojciech Jagielski (PAP) February 1st US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reported that the United States suspend compliance in 1987 included the INF and six months withdraw from him, if Russia does not begin to apply its provisions. US claim that, contrary to the INF treaty Russia acquired a new long-range cruise missiles SSC-8, which are land-based version of the missile submarines SSN-21 Sampson. INF prohibits signatories of ownership of land and maneuvering ballistic missiles with a range of 500 to 5.5 thousand. kilometers.

Russia refutes this allegation, pointing out that the rocket 9M729 index (that is, in the terminology of Western SSC-8) has never been tried out at a distance, which prohibits the system. In the editorial, the weekly “Courrier International” compared to nuclear disarmament “Sisyphus work.” Text completed drawing shark teeth in the shape of a rocket, which despite pulling grow back again and again. “The denunciation of the Treaty is not in itself a surprise, but it revealed a complete change of the geostrategic landscape” – wrote in the daily “Le Monde” Sylvie Kauffmann. According to her, “killing the INF treaty, Putin Trump and cause the collapse of the whole building nuclear disarmament.” Kauffmann notes that beyond the INF China unhindered rozbudowywały its arsenal of intermediate-range missiles. “The new system makes nuclear forces, the treaty became obsolete” and, according to Washington’s “real strategic threat to America is no longer Russia, weakened the heir to the Soviet Union, but China”. Breaking the INF treaty is a “very serious problem for global security” – rated Jean-Marie Collin, expert and spokesman for the ICAN-France, the French branch of the award in 2017 Peace Prize of the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). “These two countries (US and Russia) are in the process of destroying the structure, which was based on the reduction of nuclear arms. In its place creates a vacuum, and the vacuum is very dangerous, because it threatens arms race “- Collin said in an interview with PAP. This expert condemns the “deep silence” of the EU and European governments, which “does not react as it should.” Opposes them what has happened in the early 80s in response to the dislocation of Soviet ballistic missiles SS-20. “This time of trials and lack of will to rescue the treaty” – he says.

In his opinion, for France, breaking the INF treaty “is not directly relevant” because “for this reason do not increase the risk of either country or its nuclear arsenal.” However, this may affect the recognition that nuclear “strike force” of France is to be protection for the whole Union. If such a doctrine will be officially accepted, “incomparably increase Russian threat to other countries, among them the Polish” – warned Collin. He noted that passed in 2017 by the conference of the UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons “can all bring honorable solution the problems posed by nuclear weapons. Especially for the EU is a political imperative to contribute to the implementation of this legal instrument. ” Not signed any treaty with loads of states possessing nuclear warfare. From Paris Louis Lewin (PAP) The head of the office of Prime Minister was asked about the Trinity Broadcasting is when the teams meet with Polish and Israeli Affairs.

Legal and historical dialogue between the two countries. – There is no wyznaczanej date. We informed our partners in Israel, that we are ready to start such a dialogue, and I believe, I hope that soon he will start – odparł.zobacz also Chairman of the WJC: time to ease rhetoric in Poland on the Act on the IPN »Gowin: application of legislation IPN will depend on the interpretation of CT »According to him, both the team should talk about the content of the amendment on the IPN, as well as” some of the misunderstandings that had accumulated around her. ” – It should also talk about other things; should engage in a dialogue about the history of our common past, it is worth talking about projects that will allow us to better understand – said Dworczyk. He added that the dialogue “on the diplomatic and political level” between the Polish and Israel “continues all the time.” He stressed that both parties want a “de-escalation” tensions that arose between the two krajami.zobacz also Cichocki: the Act on the IPN will work, but the penalty does not threaten witnesses history and scientists » After meeting with Gentilonim Florence Johnson said at the press conference that there are grounds for optimism concerning the negotiations on the exit from the Union of Great Britain; is needed “clarity” and a specific time frame. “A new relationship with the United Kingdom can bring great benefits to the EU, if you use them to promote reforms that will be good for both sides,” – he assessed. “We want to leave treaties, not Europe” – also zaznaczył.zobacz Witold Waszczykowski London not agrees to hatred against the Poles »Gentiloni the Minister stressed that the need to” find a way to sustain the role of the United Kingdom as an active partner for the EU. ” He expressed the belief that the negotiations “will be able to bring useful and satisfactory solution” for both the UK and the EU. Johnson also said that the British side does not want to even consider the possibility of introducing visas after Brexicie. “We want to have the largest number of agreements on visa-free travel around the world and it is a different subject than immigration” – also zastrzegł.zobacz: The British government ends with saving policies »Referring to the issue of immigration, Gentiloni after talking with Johnson assured the Italians, who have moved to the UK, for them that “nothing has changed”. “For the 600,000 Italians who live there, the problem does not exist” – he said. He explained that when it comes to tourist trips in the future, you will need to find the “new rules.” “I am sure that we will find them,” – he added Gentiloni.

Johnson declared payforaresearchpaper that his country wants to help Italy cope with the migration crisis. “It is a European problem, and we want to make a contribution,” – he said. He recalled that in the Mediterranean are the British ships. According to Johnson, you need to try to “push” the boats as close to the coast of Africa in order to not reached the Italian brzegi.zobacz also Clapham: I want Polish citizenship »The head of the British Foreign Ministry Italians shared the view that there should be an agreement on financial assistance for the countries of origin, to discourage them in this way to escape. The two foreign ministers expressed their satisfaction with the ceasefire in Syria, which, although “very fragile” – as noted by Johnson – brings little relief population. With regard to the affairs of Ukraine the head of British diplomacy advocated the maintenance of sanctions against Russia. The Minister referred, among others, Monday’s article “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” and conferences PO politicians for the return of the Polish government delegation visit to London, where he held the British-Polish consultations chaired by the prime ministers: Beata Awl and Theresa May.W consultation was attended by .: Deputy Prime Minister, development Minister and finance Mateusz Morawiecki foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, defense minister Antoni Macierewicz and Minister of interior and administration gave Mariusz Błaszczak.Jak “DGP” then the decision was made that a government plane had to return to the country more people than was available seats in a government plane embraer.zobacz also Tupolewizm: Two planes packed into one, which is how the Polish delegation was returning from London “” + + Civil manual HEAD was not broken in any way. it is a classified document. in the absence of the aircraft may occur situations when they are made, whether the airport, or carriers that need to react in the course “- PAP said Kemp. “Coordinator in this case reacted and the corresponding list of passengers before departure were known.

It was necessary to perform this procedure on the spot. In situations where something changes in the course, and such a situation is a lot, then decide who where to take, or may ultimately be the pilot did not agree. Then change the decision on the allocation of passengers. These decisions reached Law Firm, has been approved and the flight eventually took both one and the other “- stressed the head of the Chancellery dodała.Jak, the situation is” very thoroughly examined. ” “There may be decisions on the fly, as in this case, which is informed by a coordinator who is on the spot. If during arise difficulties with instructions or pilots or airport managing is obvious and then have them adapt. No procedure has not been broken.

For all we have documents “- assured Kemp. See also: PO flight from London Government Law and Justice does not draw any conclusions from what happened on 10 April 2010. »Head of Chancellery indicated that the PO on the aircraft, which fly VIPs” should remain silent. ” “For eight years, he did nothing on ensuring the flights to those most important in the country, did not address the protection the right amount of aircraft. If one talks about tupolewizmie, that it occurred at the time of the Civic Platform. It is the present government announced an adequate tenders, one of them He ended, and so the first aircraft will be in the summer, “- stressed the Minister. For gas explosion occurred on Sunday, approx. H. 4.30 in the morning.

As reported Capt. Michael Konopka from the fire station in Warsaw, wounded was 80-year-old woman, which quickly transported to the hospital. He added that her life is not in danger. “Injured hand with burns was transported to the hospital. (…) injuries are not serious, and the woman’s life is not in danger,” – said Konopka.Zapewnił that the situation after the gas explosion has been mastered and firefighters completed work on the miejscu.zobacz : gas explosion in Poznan: tenement total demolition »As reported Konopka, the place of the event attended by representatives of the Office of Security and Crisis Management Office of the City of Warsaw and the representative of the Department of Real Estate.” the evacuees were residents of the entire staircase of the house at ul. Brzeska “- said Konopka.Burmistrz Praga-North Capital City Warsaw Wojciech Zablocki wrote on his Facebook account that the building inspector has disabled use of the three premises. He added that “three people will be accommodated at the hotel at ul. Kłopotowskiego”.

Support for the ruling parties has increased among some voters about their preferences 2 points. percent. compared with the month before the survey. This means that in the past two months, a group of supporters of the ruling coalition has increased by almost 400 thousand., Almost 3 million people, as in the parliamentary elections on April 8 ruling parties voted for 2.6 million people – authors of the study estimate. As pointed out Nezoepont, support for the governing parties increased the most among men, people from smaller towns and people with secondary education. 19 percent. some voters declare their preferences support for right-wing Jobbik, 9 percent. for the coalition of the Hungarian Socialist Party and the party Dialogue, 6 percent. for ecological-left party Politics Can Be Different, and 5 percent. Coalition for a Democratic former leftist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany.

The survey was conducted on May 2-22 on a sample of 2 thousand. people. The margin of error was 2.2 percent. The coalition Fidesz-KDNP far I have uploaded the parliamentary elections on April 8 for a third consecutive term in office, winning a constitutional majority of 2/3 of the seats in parliament. From Budapest Margaret Wyrzykowska (PAP) Prosecutors also performed with a request for the arrest of the judge. The judge was arrested on Thursday in Krakow by the CBA, shortly after the Supreme Court gave its consent to his detention and possible arrest.

Thus upheld the complaint to the prosecutor’s office of the court resolution of Lodz, which in March has not expressed such consent. Thread about b. The President of the SA in Krakow was turned off to conduct a separate investigation by the CBA under the supervision of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszow and handed over to the Department of the Interior National Prosecutor’s Office. It conducts criminal proceedings on prosecutors and judges. As told PAP spokeswoman for the prosecutor PK. Ewa Bialik, prosecutors asked the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów to arrest the judge. For alleged offenses he faces up to 12 years in prison. Court session in this case – according to PAP – is scheduled for Saturday rano.zobacz also stopped the CBA b. The President of the Court of Appeal in Kraków Judge Christopher Sobierajskiego »It stated that the former President of the Court of Appeal in Kraków is suspected of participation from 15 February 2013. to 16 September 2016. in an organized criminal group. “It was headed by another suspect in this case Andrew P. – Director of the Appellate Court in Krakow.

The group consisted of, among others, also chief accountant of that court – Martha K., Purchasing Director of the Center for the Judiciary – B. Martin and entrepreneurs, who exhibited to the Court of Appeal in Krakow fictitious invoices and other documents evidencing the alleged execution of orders in favor of that court in order to obtain undue funds. the prosecutor also alleged negligence Krzysztof S. President of the Court of Appeal in Kraków and receiving bribes in the amount of significant value not less than PLN 376 000 300, and money laundering and certifying false documents “- added Bialik. She pointed out that the judge hearing the allegations has been questioned as a suspect. The findings of the investigators in the case, among others, from witnesses, that agreement amounting usually 8 thousand.


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