The Ephemera series

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  • March 7, 2013 8:03 pm
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Anne Bishop is an author that has built up over the years respect and interest in her work. She has written many best-selling books that even today are still quite demanded and bought on the market. She is an author that is widely known for different series that include most of the times three or four different books, following up a particular story. The books are mostly liked by young adults and adults.
One of the most recent series that she published is called Ephemera. This is only one of the many fascinating and amazing worlds that Anne Bishop has created in her novels. The series contains three books. The first one is named Sebastian, the second one is “Belladonna“ and the third book in the series is “Bridge of Dreams”.
The books describe many different landscapes, which are not connected to each other and each person that lives there drives these landscapes with their heart. Because of that the landscapes are different – some people have good hearts and some evil ones. Some of the landscapes are connected with bridges. However, many landscapes were killed by the so called Eater of the World. The only one that remains is called Glorianna Belladonna. This one is the most powerful.
The main hero of the series is Lee. He is a Bridge and also is Belladonna’s brother. There are other characters such as Sebastian, Nadia, Lynnea, Yoshani, Caitlin. The sister of Lee took the way in the dark in order to save the world and because of that Lee was not about to save her and he is sad. He also experiences different in managing dealing with the two halfs of his sister. At the same time he is attacked by the evil wizards.
The story is quite intriguing in all three books of the series. The outcome is quite surprising and is worth it to spend the time reading it.

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